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Attractive design

YUM will become an integrated part of your restaurant. Attractive appearance of the tablet even more underlines the initial welcome screen of the application. It is possible to personalize the home page based on the way you would like to present your restaurant, hotel, service or cuisine. Select a photo or an image that best describes your business philosophy and tell the guest what to expect in one single glance.

  •  Main menu can be customised to your needs.
  •  Option to choose from several languages.
  •  Possible integration to your Cash System. (GastroManager, Alto Hotel Systems, POS and another )
  •  Main supported languages EN, DE, RU, IT, HU, GR, SK, CZ, PL (other optional)

Personalised appearance.

YUM is a mean of showing off your restaurant in a modern and innovative way. There is a choice of several colour options and it is only up to you to choose the one that will suit just perfectly.

  •  Predefined 5 colour options. (Wine, Brown, Silver, Green, Blue)

Ease of use.

The menu can be neatly sorted into various categories of food and beverages which provides easy orientation to your customers. It is also very intuitive and easy to use. Guests of all ages can easily navigate through the menu, asses all options and choose meals and drinks based on their personal preferences.

  •  The main menu has several categories.
  •  Customised categories for each main menu.

Visual side of the menu

Each meal includes a detailed list of ingredients that it consists of. Allergens that are part of the meal are also listed here.

Presentation of meals and drinks
High quality photos of food and drinks are an integrated part of the menu. Thanks to them the guest has an idea about what they are about to order and how the meal looks like.

  •  Possibility to zoom in / out of pictures
  •  Detailed description of meal
  •  Information about allergens
  •  Labelling of gluten-free food with graphic icons

Information about your company / restaurant / hotel

YUM is not just a menu presented in an attractive way. There are quite a few options how to use it and make the most of it. One of them would be the representation of your company. Whether it is a restaurant or a hotel, you will be able to inform your guests about your services, attractions, events, history and cuisine. It is entirely up to you so as to what information you choose in order to be presented in the best light. Your guests can even enjoy the waiting time whilst using YUM and at the same time learn more about your business.

  •  Multilingual
  •  Customizable on request

Editing of the restaurant menu

YUM can be adjusted quickly and easily at your convenience. You can add an item, make changes or remove it through the main website. Painful elaborate remodelling of the menu is nothing more than a history. You can input a general description of each item on the menu, add more details, sort it out into categories and edit daily menu. Editing of the menu is being done through our website which is also available on mobile devices. You can also export the menu, make changes as required and update your tablet by using the secret key.

Our application can be run in a unique Single-mode. This means that the user doesn't have the option to leave the application or make changes to it by using the tablet. The application is displayed in full-screen mode.

  •  Editing the menu via the website
  •  Full-screen application

Costs and Environment

To print a new menu following each potential change is wasteful and expensive. Such activity is a mere history with YUM. Easy upgrades save you time, money and ultimately the environment.

  •  Editing the menu via the website
  •  Cost effective